3D technology is moving extremely fast

The Head of the Department of Materials of Construction and Technologies of Construction of the School of Engineering and Construction in the period from 14.05.17 to 17.05.17 paid a visit to Yingchuang Bilding Technique (Changhai) Co.(Winson). Winsun is a known company in Shanghai that has mastered digitalized 3D printing construction technology, the first to print out residential 3D architecture and to develop the largest 3D construction printer.

School of Engineering and Construction of Siberian Federal University, represented by Prof. G.V. Ignatiev and Yingchuang Building Technigue Co. (Winsun) have concluded an agreement, the purpose of which is to establish business, information and organizational contacts to ensure cooperation on introduction of 3D technologies in construction, an exchange of economic, technical and legal information necessary for the foreseen activities.

Photo by: https://3dprint.com/